What's a "kitsutotori"?

We get asked this question all the time! We love how our name evokes thoughts and inspires inquisitive minds, and we are happy to offer illumination. Perhaps just a little insight will give you some outlook into who we are, both as a couple, but also as a brand!

Matthew spent many years in Yokohama, growing to deeply love the Japanese culture while he was growing up. This has inspired a true appreciation and fondness for all things Japanese, including their language. He has used their language as an inspiration for his brand of photography for many years, including it in some shape or form as an influence for his brand's name. The fox, which in Japanese is "kitsune" is his favorite creature, and he hopes one day to have one as a pet! Therefore, he has chosen the shortened word "kitsu" as a symbol of his part of the brand.

Krystena is renowned in our relationship for all things bird related. She has a growing collection of "peep-peeps" that she keeps around the house, and anyone who visits will notice quickly that whether it's an errant flamingo decoration, or holiday-themed bird decorations sitting on a shelf, we love to keep tributes to these graceful creatures all around! Furthermore, Krystena has taken to naming many of the poses Matthew asks of his models after birds, because they tend to involve awkward poses like standing on one leg! In Japanese, the word for bird is "tori", and so this represents her in our brand name.


Hi everyone! I've been an active photographer for over 6 years, where I started out working with families and engagement type clients, even dipping my toe into wedding photography. After a couple years, I found my passion working with models to create industry quality creations for artistic and portfolio purposes.

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