Welcome and hello!

In January of this year, we decided to start out on our journey to explore and create beautiful photography, not just as a couple independent creatives, but as an equal couple who both have fabulous ideas and want to get those creative images from our brains and bring them to life. We have worked together in various capacities throughout the lifespan of our relationship, but we decided that now was a great time for us to formally declare our togetherness in our artistic endeavors, as we've done as a romantic partnership.

Photography has been, for me, a way to meet great an interesting people, to convey things that I find beautiful or unique, in my own way, or to just offer a helping hand to new and upcoming models who are desperate to find someone to help create high quality photos that they can be proud of and use in their portfolios. This new partnership is a continuation of that mission, but it's also so much more. Now that Krystena and I each have about 5 years' experience under our belts in our respective fields (photography & modeling), we're looking to grow our brand and expand our offerings, and even look to the horizon with new offerings, such as modeling and photography workshops, or selling art prints.

That's part of the reason why we're also excited to bring a blog style interaction to our website, where we can share all manner of musings, whether that be behind the scenes looks at our shoots, or introspection on different things in the photography or modeling marketplace, or just generally provide musings that we think might be useful to the community, we want to amplify our voices, and share our experiences with you. So, if there's something you'd like us to share our thoughts on, please feel free to send us a message and let us know what sparks your interest, or what kind of questions you might have that we can hopefully bring illumination to.

In the meantime, thank you so much for following us as we move through this journey. We look forward to bringing you many years of joy and love, expressed through our work.